Meili criticizes Moe for opting out of youth debate

During a campaign event Friday, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called out Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe after he opted out of a youth debate.

Both Moe and Meili were invited to participate in the Next Generation Leader Debate scheduled for Monday night, only Meili accepted the invitation.

Meili called on Moe to participate in the event, asking what else he could be doing.

“This is a campaign. What does he think he’s doing?” asked Meili. “This is the time to be talking to the people of Saskatchewan. I’m calling on Scott Moe. Get to work, show up to the debate on Monday.”

The Sask. Party has decided to send former Environment Minister Dustin Duncan in Moe’s place.

Meili said it’s important for a leader to participate in a debate, especially a youth debate. He added he’s excited for Monday’s event.

“I’ll show up, I’m going to show up and chat with young folks and share our vision,” said Meili. “I’m always ready get to work and do a debate. I don’t know what Scott Moe is hiding from, but he should come.”

The Next Generation Leader Debate is scheduled for Monday night at 7:00 on Zoom.

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