Moe campaigns in Prince Albert Saturday, while Meili repeats concerns about healthcare in Saskatoon

On the campaign trail today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili reiterated his concerns over Sask. Party healthcare cuts, and Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe was in Prince Albert touting everything the party has done for the city.

In Saskatoon, Meili called on Moe to come out and say ‘how many pink slips he would hand out’ after cutting and privatizing healthcare during the pandemic.

“Scott Moe and the Sask. Party’s reckless attempts to privatize and defund healthcare put us all at risk,” said Meili. “All over Canada, we see what happens to standards of care when conservative governments make deep cuts. Last year, Jason Kenney signed a healthcare guarantee that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. Now they’re firing 11,000 healthcare workers. Scott Moe is using the same playbook, putting jobs and healthcare at risk.”

Meili also accused the Sask. Party of wanting to implement American-style healthcare, where people will have to pay out of pocket for the care they need.

Meanwhile in Prince Albert, Scott Moe praised the city for being a major contributor to the progress the province has made since 2007.

“A growing economy here in Prince Albert and throughout the province will ensure that we have the resources to build strong communities and support strong families,” Moe said.  “The growth we have enjoyed over the past few years has allowed our Saskatchewan Party government to make significant investments In Prince Albert and across Saskatchewan.”

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