NDP calls on all parties to call for GTH inquiry

Regina NDP candidates Trent Wotherspoon and Aleana Young called on all Sask. Party candidates to join in their call for an inquiry into the GTH.

Wotherspoon says it’s not matter of which party you belong to, it’s a matter of accountability.

“At a time when we’re ready to deliver on the kind of honest, accountable, transparent government that Saskatchewan people deserve, we’re ready to shine a very bright light on the scandal of the GTH,” said Wotherspoon. “On the corruption of the Sask. Party and make sure that Saskatchewan people are put first.”

Young, the candidate in Regina University, says she wonders why some Sask. Party officials like Jeremy Harrison, Gord Wyant, and Tina Beaudry-Mellor, became silent on the issue after being vocal about it in their Sask. Party Leadership bids.

She says the silence about what exactly happened at the GTH should be concerning to everyone in Saskatchewan.

“The GTH is a symbol of a government that’s lost its way, and lost trust with the people of Saskatchewan,” said Young. “Yet Scott Moe acts like everything is just fine. He is satisfied with the way things are with the status quo, but Scott Moe has a history of hiding the truth and his actions on the GTH are evidence that he can’t be trusted.”

Young says through her door-knocking campaign, she has learned that it’s not just her party that is calling for the inquest.

“This isn’t just the NDP who has been asking for this, no less a group like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has also called for this,” said Young. “And I think what everybody wants is simply some transparency and some accountability. Because if you’ve done nothing wrong, there should be no problem explaining that to the people of Saskatchewan.”


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