Fougere releases five-point plan to renew downtown Regina

Regina mayoral candidate Michael Fougere has announced his intentions to revitalize downtown Regina if he is re-elected on November 9.

1. Redirecting parking fine revenues to fund road and sidewalk repair and downtown beautification.
2. Improving parking and accessibility for the Globe Theatre and pedestrian mall.
3. Move transit buses off 11th Avenue to reduce congestion in front of the Cornwall Centre and other businesses.
4. Creating incentives to encourage development on vacant lots.
5. Building a safe and wide pedestrian walkway to connect downtown to Mosaic Stadium and Evraz Place.

Fougere said during his announcement on Tuesday morning that it’s part of his vision to make downtown more beautiful and accessible while connecting it to the city’s world-class event facilities to attract even more people to the city’s core.

“This is a priority for me, but the work is never done,” explained the mayor. “There is no time where we can say we are finished with downtown when it comes to development and rejuvenation. It’s always a work in progress.”

Michael Fougere pictured at his announcement on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020 in the lobby of Hill Tower I in downtown Regina. (Photo: Moises Canales/620 CKRM)

Two of the points in his plan revolve around parking in the downtown area. He also said there’s a need to do an evaluation of the empty lots and metered parking spots in downtown.

“Parking is always an issue. I’m not denying that, but we have to make sure people see the value of coming downtown to begin with,” he said.

“We’re also doing a review of parking lots, what they look like and how we are going to move them forward, which will come back to [city council] next year.”

In terms of city buses on 11th Avenue, Fougere admitted it has been a long-term problem with the business community in the area. He said while it has been difficult making it a pedestrian-friendly environment, his plan would address the issues by creating a transit hub at another location.

The city is currently looking at where they would create the bus hub.

The civic election goes Monday, November 9.

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