NDP says by raising home care fees, Sask. Party leaving seniors behind

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili says that the Sask. Party has left the province’s seniors behind by raising home care fees.

Meili says the recent increase will make life more unaffordable for seniors and their families.

“Thousands of seniors across Saskatchewan will be paying hundreds more a year to get the care they need, making it harder for them to stay home safely during a pandemic,” said Meili.

On October 1st, the Saskatchewan Health Authority increased fees related to home care service across the province. The results of which have not been seen yet.

Regina resident Christine Burton, who relies on home care to look after her elderly parents, blasted Scott Moe over the fee increase.

“I think you’re playing games; you’re playing games with your words when you say you’re not going to cut, but you increase costs. You’re playing games with seniors’ lives,” said Burton. “These are our most venerable and our most vulnerable citizens. Shame on you Mr. Moe! Shame on you!”

Meili announced that if elected, his party will invest $50 million into home care, which will lead to the hiring of 700 additional home care staff.

With less than a week until Election Day, Meili says residents should base their votes on the individual record of the parties.

“They say the best indicator of future behaviour, is past behaviour,” said Meili. “When it comes to making life more expensive for seniors and cutting the services they rely on, the Sask. Party’s past behaviour is pretty clear, they’ll say one thing before the election and do the opposite after.”

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