The chimes of the glockenspiel are being heard in Regina again

Those walking in the northeast corner of City Square Plaza in downtown Regina will soon once again hear the chimes of a glockenspiel.

A $350,000 restoration of the instrument has been completed and tests are now being done to make sure everything is working correctly.

Emmaline Hill is the manager of cultural and social development with the City of Regina. She says it is important to have the glockenspiel back for a couple of reasons.

“It’s a unique piece of cultural infrastructure in the downtown that anchors this ( northeast) corner of Victoria Park.” Hill said. ” We also note that it celebrates our immigrant history, particularly the German settlement, but the multicultural history of the city as well.”

The glockenspiel had been taken down in 2010 after being donated to the city by its German community in the mid 80’s.

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