Meili repeats warning of Sask. Party cuts if re-elected

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili repeated his warning of more cuts and austerity if the Sask. Party is elected on Monday.

Meili says the Sask. Party has promised there wouldn’t be any cuts before.

“Last election, they told everyone not to worry, ‘trust us’ they said, ‘the crowns are safe’, ‘there won’t be any cuts’ they said,” said Meili. “As soon as they were re-elected, out came the knives. Millions of dollars cut from our schools, from healthcare, from our universities and community-based organizations. They killed off STC, and they tried to sell SaskTel and SGI.”

He claims that when Scott Moe was asked about potential cuts, he remained silent, adding that Moe’s silence speaks louder than his words.

“Five times. On the day he rolled out his platform, Scott Moe was asked five times to rule out more cuts or raising taxes, but he wouldn’t,” said Meili. “He wouldn’t rule it out because that’s his plan.”

Meili says he has heard many people on the doorstep wanting to see change in the province.

“This is our home, and this is our chance to make it even better,” said Meili. “My message to Saskatchewan people is this: You can vote for the change you want, and you can get it with an NDP government. So please get out and make your voice heard and cast your vote to put people first.

In a response to Meili’s comments Friday, the Sask. Party said the NDP are sounding more and more desperate and ridiculous as they revert to the same tired old scare tactics they use every campaign.   They keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

In the release they said, “It didn’t work for Dwain Lingenfelter, it didn’t work for Cam Broten, and it’s not working for Ryan Meili.”

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