Sask Party’s “Big Honkin’ Rally” hits Saskatoon

Sask. Party supporters gathered in the vehicles at Prairieland Park Friday, for the Saskatoon edition of the “Big Honkin’ Rally”.

Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe addressed a rally of over 100 physically distanced supporters and praised his parties record, saying they’ve built new hospitals, schools and highways while the NDP shut them down.

Moe says the Sask. Party has a record of growth while the NDP has nothing but a record of decline. Moe suggest that Ryan Meili doesn’t want to talk about the NDP record, and Moe says he doesn’t blame him.

Moe outlined the Saskatchewan Party’ s campaign platform commitments, that he says will bring a strong recovery and make life more affordable for everyone. Moe reiterated campaign platform promises to the crowd of over 100 vehicles, and says since 2007 there are 170,000 more people living in the province.

Moe says under the NDP, Saskatchewan lost people, jobs and opportunities to other provinces, while today he says the province has the second best job creation record in Canada.

Moe asked who voters will trust claiming the Saskatchewan Party is running on their record, rather then the NDP who Moe says is running from theirs. The provincial election is Monday.


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