Moe details next steps for Sask. Party following election win

It will be a busy few days for Premier Scott Moe following the Saskatchewan Party’s strong showing in the 2020 provincial election.

His party succeeded in claiming over 60 per cent of the popular vote while having 50 of 61 seats either won or currently lead as of Tuesday evening. In his victory speech on Monday night in Saskatoon, Moe called it a “big honkin’ election win.”

Following what was surely a night of celebration for members of the Sask. Party, Moe returned to the Saskatchewan Legislative Building to address the people of Saskatchewan following his campaign. He thanked residents for voting a Sask. Party government for a fourth term and thanked those who cast a ballot – regardless of who they voted for.

Looking ahead at his upcoming schedule, the premier said he will be meeting with his new caucus, naming a new cabinet and will begin to plan what will be included in the speech from the throne ahead of the fall session at the legislature.

However Moe said one initiative that is top of mind at the moment is working to control surging COVID-19 numbers without reverting to widespread lockdowns of communities and the economy.

“We will be monitoring the case numbers closely while working closely with Dr. Shahab and his office about any additional action which may be required,” stated Moe. “I would just say thank to the vast majority of people in the province that are doing exactly what they need to be doing to curb the spread of COVID-19.”

Saskatchewan’s active case count is at 652 following Tuesday’s provincial update.

Moe speaks on Buffalo Party’s performance

During media availability on Tuesday from the legislature, Moe was asked about his reaction to the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan’s performance in the election.

While the Saskatchewan NDP did finish in second place in many constituencies, the Buffalo Party accomplished four runner-up finishes in rural Saskatchewan, too. In fact, so far they have received the third-most popular votes at 11,055 (

In Moe’s victory speech on Monday, he recognized voter frustrations with the federal government in some rural areas of the province based on voting results. He also admitted that his party shares many of those voters’ objectives and how they are not happy with the Canadian government either.

“I can’t remember the last time a NDP party finished third in seats across this province, let alone a number of seats,” said Moe. “There is a significant number of people in this province that we are going to work to represent.”

When asked to clarify his remarks of the province being “strong and independent” from Monday night’s speech, Moe said there are some policy initiatives from many parties the Sask. Party thinks should be looked at, but not all of them – including separatism from the country.

“I don’t support Saskatchewan separating from the nation of Canada. Most certainly not,” he started. “Saskatchewan is a strong, independent province, but we are also a part of Canada and we are very proud of being a contributing member to the nation.”

One of the five values listed in the Buffalo Party’s mission statement on their website is the right for Saskatchewan people to “vote for independence” and that “it’s the people’s choice to stay within or leave confederation.”

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