Former Rider Brett Lauther ready for NFL shot at moments notice

Former Saskatchewan Roughriders kicker Brett Lauther continues to chase his dream of playing in the NFL.

After a strong season in 2019 Lauther, knowing full well his NFL dream is well within reach, opted out of his 2020 CFL contract when the season was cancelled.

Speaking on the SportsCage Tuesday afternoon, Lauther said he remains fully committed to making the NFL and is not letting frustration set in.

“It’s what I’ve committed to this year by opting out, and my daily job is to get in the gym and out on the field and that’s what I’m doing,” Lauther said. “Obviously I would’ve loved to have had an NFL workout or tryout at this point, but those are out of my control and all I can control is when I do get an opportunity that I’m going to be ready for it,” Lauther added.

Lauther recently spent time in California working out with Jon Ryan and others with similar aspirations in San Diego, he’s now in Minot, North Dakota and will be staying south of the border to avoid COVID-19 restrictions when the call from the NFL comes.

“I wanted to stay down here and stay ready, so there was no issues with that if I needed to go back-and-forth for a tryout or a workout, my girlfriend is finishing up her masters here as well and we hadn’t seen each other in a couple months, so it was easy to make this (Minot) my next stop,” Lauther said.

The 29-year-old had a solid season with the Riders in 2019, going 78 percent on field goals while making a CFL career long 57 yarder.

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