Incumbent Mayor Michael Fougere feeling proud after possible last council meeting

After possibly chairing his last council meeting as Regina’s Mayor, Michael Fougere says he is proud of what he as accomplished in his time as the city’s top official.

He says this council got a lot of things done for the city.

“It’s been very rewarding, we had lots of good discussion,” said Fougere. “We don’t always agree on everything and you can see this throughout our decisions where we have disagreements. It’s a good thing when you have a clash of ideas, that makes for better decisions, and we’ve changed our direction on several things, but we have improved the lives, I believe, of Regina residents significantly, made some big decisions. Now our time is over, and we’ll see what the public says about who they want to come back.”

Fougere says he is happy with all the investments he has made to improve the city such as the Globe Theatre, as well as shift in focus towards people taking care of people. He says he’s also satisfied with the way the city has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, adding there’s a great plan for economic recovery.

Fougere hopes that come November 9th, his resume speaks for itself.

“I’m hoping people will say they’re comfortable with the leadership I’ve given, and they’ll give me another four years,” said Fougere. “If they don’t, that’s democracy and you have to accept that, and I will accept what residents say.”

During the last City Council meeting of the term, Fougere paid tribute to retiring councillor Mike O’Donnell saying his service to the city has been outstanding.

Up next for Fougere is Monday’s Mayoral Debate, where he will face off against eight other candidates including Sandra Masters and outgoing Councillor Jerry Flegel.

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