Regina Food Bank beats ‘Million Meal Challenge’

Regina residents have come through for the Regina Food Bank and accomplished the “Million Meal Challenge”.

As of Thursday afternoon, over 1,000,020 meals have been donated.

Foodbank CEO John Bailey says the support from the city has been overwhelming.

“For the city to step up the way it has, and for us to not only break through a million with a few days to go, with the potential to sort of raise a few more meals, it’s fantastic,” said Bailey. “We’re elated today, and we’re excited to get to work in making sure we can keep people fed.”

Bailey says the million plus meals will go a long way to address some of the needs caused by the pandemic. He adds that due to restrictions they haven’t able to hold their traditional food raising events, which has added to the increased stress on the food bank.

“The dollars and the food raised through this will be what allows us to make sure we’re meeting the need,” said Bailey. “And without any really clear sense of is that need going to grow again as this pandemic unwinds but making sure we’re going to be able to be there to support people when they need it.”

Bailey says while he wasn’t expecting to meet the million-meal mark, he definitely believed in Regina, adding it’s always been a city that steps up when called upon.

“I think it’s an affirmation of the values that Regina holds itself to, this is a community that, historically, has always been fantastic at supporting their neighbours,” said Bailey. “And I think through this pandemic, everybody’s life is a little bit different, but I think those core values of our community remain the same.”

Bailey hopes with the ‘Million Meal Challenge’ going until the end of the month, the number can get a little bit bigger.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so by going to the Food Banks website.

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