Recent survey paints RPS in very positive light

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray says an Angus Reid Institute survey which puts his department first amongst 10 different Canadian cities when it comes to the way police are perceived in their community is one that has him feeling proud.

The group did an online survey at the end of August in which people across the country in 10 Canadian cities were asked how they perceived police.  When all the answers were compiled, Regina came out first with 84 percent saying they had a favourable perception.

Bray says the interactions officers can have with people can come at unpleasant times so to see the number they were given is an endorsement of the work they do.

“It speaks directly to the interactions they have and the citizen they are interacting with.” Bray said. “One has to remember as well that some of the interactions we have comes at a tough time, an emotional time and a stressful time.  Those interactions aren’t always positive because of things like your home has been broken in or your car has been stolen or you are being questioned about something.”

While Bray graciously accepts the survey, one that he didn’t know was happening, he says the one thing he wants to know now is finding out why the 16 percent who said unfavourable said what they did.

“I want to know what we need to do differently.” Bray said. “It might be based on past interactions or perceptions, but we have to find why police don’t feel safe when people are present.  We need to do things to chip away at that number.  This survey shows we have a positive relationship with our community, but we need to make sure that relationship can be stronger every day.”

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