‘100 Men Who Care’ looking for members

A Regina organization that supports local charities is looking to expand.

100 Men Who Care Regina, is an organization dedicated to helping out local charities by donating $100 per member once every quarter.

Rob Bogdan with the organization shares what they’re all about.

“What we do is, members invite local charities to our meeting, we meet four times a year, and charities give a talk or a spiel on what they do and we then we vote as members, we vote on the most worthy charity, then we pay $100 to that charity,” said Bogdan. “Money goes to a good cause.”

The organization has donated over $25,000 to charities like Caring Hearts, Carmichael Outreach, Cornwall Alternative School, and SARBI.

Bogdan thinks it says a lot about members that they are still donating money during the economic hardships brough on by the pandemic.

“We’ve got a lot of caring people out there that care about local charities and realize that it’s difficult to raise funds during these times,” said Bogdan.

Bogdan says belonging to the group is an amazing feeling as it doesn’t take much of your time, but it makes a world of difference.

He says the group is open to anyone willing to make a difference.

“Someone that’s dedicated to paying $100 every quarter,” said Bogdan. “If they attend the meeting or not, they don’t necessarily need to, but they can donate to the charity and they get a tax-deductible donation.”

Anyone looking to join can visit their website.

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