Get ready for a lot of snow this weekend

You might want to make sure you know where your snow shovel is or if your snowblower is working because you will need them soon.

After going through a week where the temperature got close to or above 20 degrees in Saskatchewan, a blizzard is getting ready to move in that will pack freezing rain, strong winds and a lot of snow with it.  In fact, Environment Canada says there are some places that could see up to 50 centimeters or a foot and a half of snow.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang says when it comes to Regina, it still isn’t quite clear if they will be hit by freezing rain and snow or just snow.

“That is the tricky spot trying to figure out where that freezing rain line is.  Right now, it appears as if Regina could escape the freezing rain, but you can expect around 30 centimeters of snow along with some strong winds with the bulk of that coming Sunday and it will stay quite messy until sometime Monday afternoon or evening.” Lang said. “This could be the biggest blizzard of the year and it comes before winter technically begins.”

Lang adds that with the amount of snow that will fall, it will likely stay even if warmer temperatures do return.

Those that have weekend plans are being told to perhaps cancel those plans if they are on Sunday especially if it means being on the highway as conditions will not be ideal.

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