End of an era: Fougere accepts defeat in Regina’s mayoral race

A Sandra Masters win means an end of an era for Michael Fougere.

After 23 years on council — eight of those years as Mayor — Fougere will not return to the Henry Baker Hall as a member of the city’s council.

Fougere says he’s proud of his election team, adding he feels his team couldn’t have run a better campaign.

“This is a change-election, we see lots of incumbents falling — or could be falling — so it’s a time of change,” Fougere said. “I accept the verdict of the public, and I’m proud of my 23 years on council (and) I’m proud of my eight years as mayor.

“I think I have a good record of accomplishment and I’ve said that through the campaign.”

With so many new faces starting on council soon, Fougere says it will be important to get everyone working together as a team.

“If you can align those energies together, you’ll have a strong council. If not, then you’ll have a council that will be reflective of the diversity of the opinions that are there,” Fougere said. “I can’t predict what’s going to happen, I’m just saying that there are many challenges facing every city in Canada (and) Regina has some unique ones.”

The future remains unclear for Fougere. He says he’ll take some time to absorb this loss, talk to his family, and figure out the future from there.

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