City of Regina exploring COVID-friendly programming for winter

The City of Regina is adapting its Winter Programming Initiative due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manager of Community and Recreation Programs Bobbi Selinger says the city is looking at different ways to keep winter activities both safe, and affordable.

“We’re looking to increase our programming at the outdoor ice shacks, we’re also looking at what can we offer outdoors to help ensure people have access to those,” said Selinger. “We’ll also potentially be looking at what low-cost, or free, opportunities can we be offering in our recreation centres that would be safe and inclusive for people to participate in.”

In addition to hosting events, Selinger says they are looking to help fund individually held community events as well. The city is offering a $25,000 micro-grant program, with grants ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Selinger adds that while the city doesn’t normally offer specific outdoor programming, they wanted to make sure people have safe things to do during a pandemic winter.

“This was really reimagining how the city offers its programming in the winter,” said Selinger. “This is a specific initiative we are working on in response to COVID-19.”

Selinger says there are no specific plans in place just yet, they will have more of an idea as December approaches.

“We will continue to evolve the program as COVID-19 evolves, so we’re making sure that we’re keeping up to date on provincial guidelines, making sure that, where we need to, we’re working directly with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to make sure those activities are safe, and that people can feel like they should be able to come out,” said Selinger.

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