Look out for wildlife crop damage this winter

Heading into the winter months, the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is reminding producers of possible wildlife damage to crops.

Executive Director of Insurance Darby Warner says most incidences of winter wildlife damage are covered.

“For winter crops primarily, the damage caused by wildlife would we in stacked forage or alternative feeding systems that people have for feeding their livestock,” said Warner. “One arm of our program is the predation program, so there could be predator losses over the winter months.”

Warner says you don’t have to have previous SCIC coverage to be eligible for wildlife damage insurance.

He adds that SCIC covers wildlife crop damage because of the proximity between livestock and wildlife.

“It’s to protect producers of agriculture crops for the better of society,” said Warner. “We’re allowed to have these animals on the landscape now, and there’s a program to help beat them in the winter if they’re causing some undue harm for individuals.”

Warner says it’s important for producers to call their insurance broker the moment they notice wildlife crop damage.

More information can be found on the SCIC website.

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