Moe disappointed with progress of First Ministers’ Meeting surrounding Canada Healthcare Transfer

Canada’s 13 Premiers met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Thursday to discuss the sustainability of the country’s healthcare system.

The provincial leaders were hoping to see the Canada Healthcare Transfer, the portion of healthcare costs covered by the federal government, raised to 35 percent, something Premier Scott Moe says was, at one point, 50-50.

Moe says he is disappointed with the result of Thursday’s meeting.

“We’re disappointed with the progress that was made at this meeting with the Prime Minister, specific to the ask that all 13 Premiers had agreed to and put before him,’ said Moe. “But we are also encouraged that there was an acknowledgement that the federal government does need to do more when it comes to funding health care. Specifically, through the Canada Health Transfer.”

The Canada Healthcare Transfer currently sits at 22 percent, or about $42 billion. The Premiers are seeking an additional $28 billion.

He says he hopes the group can get together in the New Year to discuss the topic further, but there is one topic that may be more important than the Canada Healthline Transfer.

“A topic that has been identified as being even more important, and that has been the sustainability of our healthcare system across this nation, and the need for the federal government to ensure that they are stepping forward in what is a generational opportunity to become an equitable partner, or a more equitable partner in delivering that healthcare to Canadians,” said Moe.”

Other conversations centered around the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccinations across the country. Moe says he was happy to hear that the federal government would fully cover the cost of the vaccine.

“It was committed that the federal government would be paying 100 percent of the actual cost of the vaccines, and then obviously the provinces will deliver those vaccines, and pick up our share of the cost of the entire vaccination program,” said Moe. “And that is appreciated, and I think that sets a standard for future conversations around the Canada Healthcare Transfer.”

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