SGI says numbers showing more impaired driving charges can be attributed to more enforcement

It’s a number that could be seen as good news or bad news.

SGI says there have been more impaired drving charges in the first 10 months of 2020 than all of 2019.

While some may hear that and say the problem is still a significant one in Saskatchewan, SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says there is a very good reason for numbers being up.

“Offence numbers are a function of enforcement so that means if police are looking for impaired drivers, they will find them. “McMurchy said. “We know police are very focussed on catching impaired drivers so many of those that do make the decision to drive while impaired are getting caught.”

From January to October, McMurchy says there were 3,813 impaired driving cases with the 2019 numbers showing a yearly total of 3,752.

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