Eden Care Communities awarded for healthcare delivery

Eden Care Communities has been recognized for the innovative approach to long-term care with Memory Lane.

They were presented with the 2019-2020 Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Award by the Centre on Aging and Health at the University of Regina.

CEO Alan Stephen says the award shows that Eden Care staff are doing a great job at making life worth living for seniors in Regina.

“It means a lot, especially for our care partners,” said Stephen. “We are constantly combating the  plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom in the aging process. And this just another way of assisting in the elimination of those terrible plagues.”

Memory Lane is a collection of homes within a campus, born out of the idea that too many people live in long-term or special care homes without needing to be there.

Stephen says Memory Lane serves as a way for seniors to get the help they need while maintaining a level of independence.

“Independence is a very strong motivator in the aging process. We know that aging is assisted by nutrition, by interaction, and by mobility,” said Stephen. “So this additional level of independence, and choice, made life much more worth living for those elders.”

Memory Lane is the only facility of it’s type in Saskatchewan, but Stephen expects other jurisdictions to follow suit eventually.

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