Globe Theatre’s holiday play to air on 620 CKRM

620 CKRM and the Globe Theatre are offering another way for people to gather this Christmas, which is actually a familiar way – around the radio.

The Globe Theatre’s performance of Martha Ross’ The Story will broadcast on 620 CKRM at 7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Globe says The Story will be retell the classic Nativity story as “a parable for modern times” with humour and warmth unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Jennifer Brewin, director of this project and artistic director with the Globe Theatre, said it will be a tough holiday season for many people, which is why they wanted to find a way to make things a little lighter at Christmas time.

“We won’t be able to gather around the tree or the dining room table the same way. So that’s why we felt very strongly about trying to create an opportunity for people to listen at the same time, even if they are under different roofs,” stated Brewin.

“This will re-enforce some of the values and the sentiments of Christmas which is community,” she added. “It surrounds rebirth, renewal and trying to find hope at a very dark time of year.”

Sierra Haynes, who will be playing Mary and one of the shepherds in the production, said this is a wonderful time to do something like this for the public.

“To have everyone tune in at the same time, listen altogether across however many kilometres this will be broadcast, will be very special,” shared Haynes. “It will reach more people than just the patrons of the Globe Theatre. It will go across the province, which I think is beautiful.”

Along with Haynes, the cast will involve Kris Alvarez as Melchior and Elizabeth, Devon Bonneau as a shepherd, Bongani Musa as Balthazar, Aren Okemaysim as Joseph and Caspar, Jayden Pfeifer as Herod and Gabriel, and soloist Leora Joy Perrie will underscore the action with traditional Christmas carols.

The Creative Team features Director Jennifer Brewin, Michael Wanless as the sound designer, Eryn Griffith as the director of production, and Martha Ross as playwright.

An audio recording of the performance will also be made available on the Globe Theatre’s website from December 26 to January 1.

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