Alberta Clipper coming through Saskatchewan Thursday

An Alberta Clipper will be hitting Saskatchewan over the next 24 hours, bringing with it some snow and potentially rain.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says the storm will move through Saskatchewan throughout the day Thursday.

“For the most part, the snow will move into northern parts of the province earlier in the day and continue on,” Lang said. “The snow is expected to be heaviest through northern Saskatchewan, they will see some through central Saskatchewan as well, but not as much — maybe 2-5 cm.”

Southern Saskatchewan is expected to see some freezing rain with this storm. Lang says while Regina and area could see a small amount of freezing rain, that’s usually all it takes.

“Just a little bit on the roads can really make for slippery roads, and plus we’re going to see those temperatures start to bump up towards the 0°C mark, so that may cause some melting,” Lang said. “When the temperatures go down overnight, there could be some freezing with that.”

Lang says wind speeds will really pick up after the storm swings through.

“Strong, gusty winds — 40 gusting (up to) 60 or 70 km/h — developing over westerly sections earlier in the afternoon and then moving across overnight more southeastern sections,” Lang said. “Because there isn’t a lot of fresh snow in southern Saskatchewan, we probably won’t see a lot of blowing snow.”

Lang says blowing snow is a real concern for central and northern regions. She adds a reminder to residents to dress for the weather, saying these conditions will make the temperatures feel colder during the day.

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