Regina coming through for Parkside Extendicare residents and staff

Two Regina women are trying to bring smiles to the faces of those at Parkside Extendicare.

The long-term care home in the city’s south end has been devastated by COVID-19 with many in the 228 bed facility and staff testing positive with several deaths occurring.

In an attempt to bring some joy, Angie Owens and Shawna Borsa started a Facebook page called “Hearts of Hope for Parkside Extendicare“. They were looking for cash donations, gift cards and anything that could bring some joy to those who are at the home.

Owens, who did not know Borsa until earlier this month and contacted her after seeing a Facebook post in which Shawna describes life inside the home as she saw it being a nurse, says Regina has come through on both especially when it comes to gift cards….

“It has been amazing to see the community come through in such a short time. We are seeing gift cards from different places ranging from coffee shops to restaurants to small local businesses in Regina that are struggling as well.” Owens said.  “All of the cash donations we get will be turned around with support being shown to those small local businesses by getting what is needed so it is nice to help them out too.”

Something else that was requested was a call for people to go to the home and help decorate the trees outside the front entrance.  Many have turned out to do so much to the delight of residents still inside the facility who greet those decorators with waves and smiles.  Those are smiles which Owens says are heartwarming for all involved.

Donations are being accepted until Friday. You can go to the Facebook page to contact her if you would like to help.


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