Province urging people to be safe around snowplows

The Government of Saskatchewan is urging residents to be cautious when passing snowplows on the highway.

Highways Minister Joe Hargrave says when trying to pass a snowplow, it’s best to wait until they pull over.

“Snowplows pull over every 10 to 15 kilometres, they’re mandated to do that. When they’re pulled over and the blue and amber lights are flashing, you’re required to go a little faster than 60 kilometres an hour to pass them,” said Hargrave. “When they are moving on the highway, they kick up a lot of snow and it’s a very dangerous pass, so our strong recommendation is that you do wait until they pull over.”

Hargrave says it’s important to keep in mind why the snowplow is out there in the first place.

“Realizing that our operators are out there doing the best job that they can do, they’re out there to protect us and keep our roads safe for people,” said Hargrave. “They have families as well that they want to get home safe to, so please be very, very careful around snowplows when you see them operating on the highway.”

While accidents involving snowplows aren’t all that common, Hargrave says they happen more often than you’d think.

“Since January, we’ve had three snowplow hits, it’s not all that common, people are safe,” said Hargrave. “But one hit could mean a bad injury or a death, and one hit is too many. So we’re asking people to just be very, very cautious.”

Hargrave wants to remind people to check the Highway Hotline before traveling anywhere this winter, just so they are prepared for the road conditions ahead of them.

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