Regina community fridge providing those in need with fresh food

A Regina nurse has turned her dream of helping the less fortunate into a reality.

Danielle Froh has successfully launched the “community fridge”, a method of providing people in need with perishable food items.

Froh says she decided to build the fridge because she saw the need firsthand.

“Working as a Registered Nurse in Emergency at the General, it’s pretty obvious that people in Regina are very hungry. Some people just come in because they need something to eat,” said Froh. “I got this idea from Instagram when I saw Calgary had set up their own community fridge, and I knew that we could have that here.”

Froh says the reception to the fridge has been outstanding, as the donated food is almost cleared out every night.

“It’s been very, very positive,” said Froh. “People have been very excited to be able to have a tangible way to donate food to the community.”

Froh says while the Food Bank has always been a great support for people in need, she wanted to build something more accessible.

“It is very different from the food bank in a way where it’s completely unrestricted access, 24/7,” said Froh. “So you can go anytime of day, no matter your status, no matter your sobriety and get food, if there’s food available, more than once every two weeks, and hopefully there’ll be lots of fresh food there as well.”

Froh says due to how quickly the fridge empties, donations of any kind are very much appreciated. The fridge can be found behind the Regina Family Pharmacy on Dewdney Avenue.

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