Local RN describes her experience getting COVID-19 vaccine

By now, several hundred front-line heath care workers have received the COVID-19 vaccine in the Regina area thanks to the pilot phase, as Phase One of the vaccine rollout plan begins Monday.

The pilot phase and phase one of the rollout plan also includes seniors living in long-term care facilities.

Emilee Beatty, a registered nurse working casual shifts in the COVID-19 unit, received her vaccine on Thursday. She says it’s a special feeling knowing she is one of the first people in Saskatchewan to receive the vaccine.

“It’s definitely a story I’ll be able to tell my kids,” Beatty said. “I feel like we’re going on the right direction here with vaccinating the health care workers first because we are working the front-lines with all the people that are positive and everyone else, so we’re keeping everyone safe.”

Beatty says she trusts the vaccine.

“I trust the research and everything that all the scientists do behind vaccines and all of that stuff,” Beatty said. “If it can keep me safe, I might as well.

“I feel it’s something that everyone should put some thought into.”

Beatty says If people aren’t convinced about the safety of the vaccine, she says there’s other things people can do to keep themselves and others safe.

“Following the health guidelines set out by the government and wearing a mask in public spaces,” Beatty said. “If you’re not going to get the vaccine, I just say that you should protect yourself and others in different ways.”

While health care workers are receiving their vaccines now, the general public may not receive their vaccines until April.

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