SGI releases results of November’s traffic safety spotlight

Suspended drivers and unregistered vehicles were SGI’s traffic safety focus for November.

The insurance company’s Tyler McMurchy breaks down the numbers.

“341 people driving while suspended were caught in November along with another 558 driving an unregistered vehicle or trailer,” McMurchy said. “In addition to that, we saw 221 drivers driving without a valid license.”

Police across Saskatchewan were busy handing out other tickets as well.

SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says over 3,800 were given for speeding and aggressive driving.

“That is lower than we typically see in a month,” McMurchy said. “You will remember that winter came early in November, so maybe that had something to do with it — it forced everybody to slow down — we want people to remember though, even if they are not disobeying the speed limits that when you’re dealing with winter driving conditions that you need to drive at an appropriate speed.”

226 tickets were handed out for improper seatbelt use and 447 for distracted driving.

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