Next COVID-19 update to come Sunday

Those wondering what the COVID-19 situation in Saskatchewan looks like haven’t had a chance to do so since Thursday’s report came out.

The government announced there would be no update on Christmas Day or Boxing Day meaning we will not get totals for the last three days until Sunday.

On Thursday, it was announced there were 154 new cases.  The amount of new cases has been dropping every day since 251 were announced December 19.

The active case count sits at 3,346.  That number stood at a record-high 4,763 on December 7.

135 people have passed away due to the virus.

The amount of people hospitalized had been under-reported with 165 now getting care. 40 more were added to the list Thursday when the Ministry of Health updated definitions of the infectious period to align with national definitions.

A release from the government stated  that the 40 were not new hospitalizations and were patients no longer infectious for COVID-19, which had shifted them from active to recovered cases, but still experiencing the complications of COVID-19 illness.

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