Owner of Bellezza Moda encouraged by more strict measures for large retail businesses

The provincial government’s restrictions on capacity at retail stores came into effect Christmas Day, but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem for at least one Regina-based retailer.

The restrictions include a 25% capacity limit for large retail locations over 20,000 square feet, with small stores allowing 50% capacity.

Jasmine Gemmell is the owner of Bellezza Moda Beauty and Fashion.  She doesn’t think there will be much change in her business.

“I’ve been practicing the 50% capacity for a while now and it hasn’t really affected me in a negative way,” Gemmell said. “If anything, it’s presented new opportunities. Instead of doing a flash sale for one day, I extend it for a week.”

She says it’s a welcome change to see large retailers get hit with restrictions.

“It really upset me in early March and May when we (small businesses) had to close completely down, yet bigger businesses like Wal-Mart and Costco, they were allowed to have all of their departments open — including non-essential items like jewelry, which we sell at our store primarily.”

Gemmell says the measures see one positive, which is a decrease in theft.

“We don’t have to keep our eye on as many customers at once, so it doesn’t make it as confusing when there’s chaotic sale days — such as Black Friday or Boxing Day — to keep an eye on everyone so tightly.”

Gemmell adds her business has had to change and adapt a lot this year, switching to online sales and curbside pick-up for much of 2020.

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