Kevin the Cat finds forever home over the holidays

A truly inspiring home-for-the-holidays story took place last week when Kevin the Cat got adopted from the Regina Humane Society.

Kevin was abandoned near a highway in a dog crate with only dog kibble to eat. When he eventually made it to the Humane Society, he was treated for frostbite on his ears and tail. Kevin also had to deal with severe fur-matting that needed surgery to resolve

Kevin’s new owner Mason Gardiner says he’s always wanted a rescue cat.

“The moment I saw the Regina Humane Society post about Kevin, the first time I saw with Kevin, I was like ‘oh, I like that cat, I want that cat,” Gardiner said. “Then I read his backstory, and it became a ‘I need that cat, I really resonate with that cat.”

Gardiner says Kevin is making a normally difficult holiday time for him a little easier.

“My Dad passed away from cancer around the holidays about five years ago, so I felt like this was the perfect time because seasonal depression was starting to kick in, obviously COVID-19 has been a complete thing to get over this year as well as a bunch of different things,” Gardiner said. “It’s perfect timing, and he’s definitely made this time a lot better.”

Kevin is adjusting to life  at home well according to Gardiner, adding he made himself at home as soon as he arrived to Gardiner’s house.

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