Province sending 149-year-old painting to Ireland

A painting by Victoria-era artist Sir Frederic William Burton is headed back to Ireland on a long-term loan from the Saskatchewan government.

The painting of Mary Palliser—the sister of Irish explorer John Palliser who first found what is known as the Wascana Creeks system–was made 149 years ago and was bequeathed to the Saskatchewan Archives in the mid 90’s

Provincial archivist Linda McIntyre says the painting will create a buzz back in Ireland.

“There is a lot of local interest because people there know of both the family and the artist.” McIntyre said. ” It is believed that Burton was engaged to Mary at one time and while the two never did get married, this was an engagement gift to her.”

The painting will be housed at the Waterford Art Gallery in a town where Palliser is buried for the next five years.

“The Government of Saskatchewan is happy to share the Palliser painting with the Irish public and strengthen our shared connections around the world during a time when physical travel is a challenge,” Minister Responsible for the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Jim Reiter said in a release. “The people of Waterford, Ireland will enjoy viewing the painting and Saskatchewan’s contribution to archival history.


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