Warning issued to stay off Wascana Lake, Wascana Creek and other bodies of frozen water

Reginans are being told to stay off areas like Wascana Lake, Wascana Creek and other frozen water bodies,

In a release, the Regina Fire Department says “These bodies of water are there to reduce the risk of flooding in our neighbourhoods by collecting stormwater. Water flows in these storm channels and ponds for much of the year, including now. This moving water fluctuates in temperature and when combined with warmer weather, creates unpredictable and potentially dangerous ice conditions,”


On Wednesday, the department had to tell some people to get off an unsanctioned skating area on Wascana Creek between Albert and Elphinstone Street after the ice started to erode following a watermain break.

Regina Fire adds while it may look suitable for winter activities, it’s what’s below the surface that can be unsafe.and to remember, ice thickness can vary and is not an indicator of safety on these frozen surfaces.

If you see anyone, particularly children, close to thin ice, call Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. In an emergency involving people or pets, call 9-1-1.

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