Premier Moe looks back on historic 2020 for Saskatchewan

It was a unique year for the province of Saskatchewan as the world dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the first COVID-19 cases were announced in March, Premier Scott Moe was the first in the country to start an economic Re-Open plan in May.

Moe says Saskatchewan has been the place to watch when it comes to economic COVID-19 recovery.

“Saskatchewan people have been remarkable in how we have adapted and how we have not only respected the public health advice that has been provided by (chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib) Shahab, but how we have adhered to it,” Moe said. “By far and away, it has been working.”

Despite that Re-Open plan, the province still had economic challenges due to COVID-19. Help is on the way, as more COVID-19 vaccines get approved and sent to Saskatchewan. Approximately 3,000 health care workers have received the vaccine so far.

Looking beyond that, Premier Moe says he’s looking ahead to not only helping Saskatchewan’s economy recover, but the global economy as well.

“We very much are looking to serve the world with the product that Saskatchewan has, and make those available to the world as the global recovery begins and the global economy starts to rev it’s engines,” Moe said. “Saskatchewan has a real opportunity in the next number of months and the next few years to help the world recover, and in doing so, help us recover and grow.”

While the vaccine may not be available to the entire Saskatchewan population until April at the earliest, Premier Moe says it will not be mandatory in Saskatchewan.

“That is a choice that each individual makes, regardless of the vaccine that’s offered here and COVID will be no different,” Moe said. “However in saying that, we do encourage people to have the conversation around whether or not they will get the vaccine, and ultimately for us to find our way through to the other side, we do need the majority of Saskatchewan people to receive the vaccine.”

A full year-end interview with Premier Scott Moe can be heard New Year’s Day on 620 CKRM.

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