Saskatchewan teachers asking for some clarification on vaccination plan

As the second half of the schoolyear begins, the president of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation says he has heard from some teachers across the province about where they fit in when it comes to the vaccination plan the province has.

Patrick Maze wants to stress that teachers aren’t saying they should be moved up the queue and that the current approach being taken by the government with its plan is correct, but he does say there is a question that needs answering.

“We just want to make sure that if government is true on keeping the economy open and running then they have to recognize that teachers are essential in order to do that.” Maze said.

Maze says it has been a stressful few months for Saskatchewan’s teachers and that finding out where they fit in the plan would ease that stress a little.

Conversations are being had with the Ministry of Education on the issue and it is hoped the STF can get an answer from them very shortly to ease the stress level that teachers are feeling just a little.

While many kids went back to in-school learning on Monday, kids in Regina are learning remotely this week with in-class sessions resuming on January 11.

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