Best economic return for lentil producers

A three year study has determined which optimal agronomic practices provide the best returns for lentil producers.

Effective weed control is a major challenge for lentils. The research project was led by Jessica Enns, general manager with the Western Applied Research Centre (WARC) at Scott. Trials were conducted between 2017 and 2019 at six locations—Scott, Outlook, Indian Head, Swift Current, Yorkton and Saskatoon.

Three seeding rates were tested (130, 190 and 260 seeds per square metre). These were combined with various herbicide and fungicide applications.

The study determined that weed control was best when using a pre-seed residual herbicide in combination with a seeding rate of 190 seeds per square metre. Together these two agronomic practices were effective in reducing weed biomass in lentils by 76 percent. It also resulted in higher net returns than the other two seeding rates.

You can view the entire research summary and net return statistics here.



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