Seven-year old Regina boy has unique birthday wish

It’s something a lot of seven-year-old boys wouldn’t even think of doing for their birthday, but one Regina boy had a rather unique idea.

Layton Louttit told his family that he would like to go to a grocery store and buy some groceries that he could take to the Community Fridge–a place on Dewdney Avenue that offers those in need a place to get fresh food 24/7.  His reason for doing so was so some of his friends at school would be able to eat breakfast.

It was a request that floored his mother Jocelyn, but it was one she wasn’t going to turn down. She does say Layton did have questions.

Layton and Jocelyn Louttit

“We’ve been doing a lot of talking since COVID-19 started about how its okay that we don’t understand things and sometimes we need some help.” Jocelyn said. “He asked me why don’t these people have breakfasts and I said its OK because sometimes people need help but are afraid to ask so someone out of the kindness of their heart has set up this fridge so people who are more fortunate like you and I to have breakfast can go there and grab what they want, take what they need and head on their way.  He thought that was awesome.”

The Louttits headed to Crawford No Frills on 4th Avenue to get their haul.  When they went to the register to pay, owner Amber Crawford overheard what Layton was there for and decided to cut their bill by 50 percent which was a move graciously accepted.  Jocelyn says the move was greatly appreciated because it showed Layton there are others out there like him who will help if needed.




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