City of Regina says strange liquid found under many vehicles last week not from road salt

Many vehicle owners in Regina reported finding this underneath their vehicles last week, only to find out they had no fluid leaks.

The City of Regina says the strange yellow/green drip many noticed under their vehicles last week has nothing to do with what they put on roadways in the winter.

Many vehicles were taken to garages around the city only to find out that there was no leak, leaving many to suspect road salt had something to do with the strange liquid.

The City’s Tyler Bien said they honestly aren’t to sure what would’ve been causing the drip.

“Honestly I’m not to sure what the cause of it would be, Bien said.” “Our liquid salt that we use is a colorless brine, so it’s magnesium chloride, which is actually less corrosive than the dry salt that we use which is a sodium chloride,” he said.

Bien said the City has been using liquid salt for about four years now, adding it’s not sprayed directly onto roadways, but instead onto the sand and salt that is then spread on roads to help it stick to icy pavement.

“This liquid salt, or pre-wetting programs are used in almost every major municipality, highway maintenance programs, R.Ms, and anti icing programs. It’s not a new technology, it’s very common, so to be honest I don’t know what would be causing the yellow/green drip from vehicles,” Bien said.

Callers to our newsroom claim the phenomenon is actually weather related, saying that a certain mix of temperature, wind and humidity can cause exhaust fumes to turn to liquid and form the drip out side of pipes underneath certain vehicles.

Some also argue it was simply rabbit urine, as the animals were more than likely hiding underneath vehicles during the heavy winds last week.

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