Active COVID-19 case count in SK back below 4,000 after 694 new recoveries reported

The province is reporting 234 cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday. That is the lowest one-day total since January 5.  There are also a record 694 recoveries which brings the active case total back down below 4,000 as it sits at 3,702.

There are four more deaths to report.  One was in their 60’s in the Regina zone, one was in their 70’s from the north-central region with the other two being people aged 80 plus in the Saskatoon and southeast zones.  This brings the provincial total to 226.   The province is amending that number after the Ministry of Health said three recent deaths were not COVID-19 related as first believed.



The new cases are located in  the Far North West (27), Far North Central (1), Far North East (18), North West (39), North Central (9), North East (17), Saskatoon (66), Central West (6), Central East (15), Regina (23), South West (1), South Central (2) and South East (8) zones and two (2) new cases have pending residence information

Twenty-five cases with pending residence information were assigned to the Far North West (13), North West (8), North Central (2), Saskatoon (1) and Regina (1) zones.

This brings the seven-day daily average to 298 or 24.6 new cases per 100,000 population.  It is the first time the number has been below 300 since January 10.

Hospitalization data is not available because of technical issues.  Hospitalization data is expected to return Thursday.

There were 2,658 doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered yesterday in Saskatchewan – this brings the total number of vaccines administered in the province to 24,575.

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