Regina proposes banning advertising from fossil fuel companies; citing criticism from Premier

The decision by Regina’s Executive Committee to vote in favour of banning fossil fuel companies from advertising with the city has drawn some backlash from Saskatchewan’s Premier.

In a statement, Premier Scott Moe called the vote “absurd”, adding it would restrict energy companies from sponsoring or advertising with the city.

He went on to say if the motion passes at Council, the province would “seriously consider” the future of city sponsorships from Crown Corporations like SaskEnergy and SaskPower.

“If these Regina City Councillors have such a strong aversion to accepting money from energy companies, I assume they will no longer want to receive these funds, which could instead by distributed to other Saskatchewan municipalities,” said Moe in the statement.

He added the City of Regina is the recipient of approximately $29 million every year from SaskPower bill surplus, and another $4.3 million from SaskEnergy.

The proposal was brought forward by Councillor Dan LeBlanc, who cited if the city wants to follow through on its goal of being 100 percent renewable by 2050, they need to show their support for sustainable energy.

The motion passed 7-4, with Mayor Sandra Masters, Councillor John FIndura, Councillor Lori Bresciani, and Councillor Terina Shaw, voting against the motion.

Mayor Masters voted no to the motion because she feels it be punitive to local businesses like the Co-op Refinery.

While the motion passed in Executive Council, it will need to be passed at next week’s City Council meeting to become law.

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