West Wind and Transwest merge to become Rise Air

The two airlines that service northern Saskatchewan have merged together to become one airline.

West Wind Aviation and Transwest Air have consolidated to become Rise Air.

Spokesperson Tracy Young-McLean says everyone is excited about the merger.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Young-McLean. “We’ve had two companies with very different cultures, very different ways of operating come together. It’s sort of a new beginning for everybody to move forward together.”

Young-McLean says the only difference customers will notice in terms of service, is the new name and logo.

She says while the merger was planned before the pandemic, COVID-19 definitely took its toll on the airlines.

“It did have an impact on operations, as well as on our staffing levels,” said Young-McLean. “As business dwindled, we had to adjust our staffing too, and unfortunately, when something like that happens, you lose a lot of good people.”

The new logo has a lot of hidden meaning to it, as the bird logo represents their connection with the land, Northern Saskatchewan, and the people they serve. There are 7 feathers to represent ownership by 7 northern communities, and 2 feathers to represent other ownership groups. The bird theme pays homage to the Transwest logo; the grey colour comes from West Wind’s logo; and the blue for our vibrant blue skies that they fly under.

Young-McLean says the most exciting thing  about the merger is the sense of relief felt throughout, as the company is in a stronger position to make it through the pandemic.

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