100 years after discovery of insulin, Diabetes Canada still hoping for cure

Canadian scientist Dr. Frederic Banting and his research team discovered insulin back in 1921 but Diabetes Canada says we can’t wait another hundred years to see an end to this disease.

Vice-president of science and policy, Dr. Seema Nagpal, says there is promising research happening in Canada for a cure and for managing diabetes.

What is being called an artificial pancreas has been developed by scientists at McGill University.

It’s an insulin pump and monitoring device which tells the pump to decrease or increase insulin in the body.

Dr. Nagpal considers it a miraculous intervention, but says additional work needs to be done to fine-tune the glucose management.

She also points to research at the University of Alberta in Edmonton with Dr. James Shapiro.

His team has cured diabetes in mice.

Nagpal says it will be very exciting to see if this translates to a meaningful discovery for humans.


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