New conditions implemented for high-risk offender living in Heritage

Regina Police are adding new information to a previously released advisory on a high-risk offender.

Since the initial release, four additional conditions aimed at addressing Furi’s risk in the community, have been implemented.

Kelly Furi is a 46-year-old Caucasian male, he’s approximately 5’11 tall, weighs 228 lbs. He has brown eyes, and short grey/brown hair. He also has a moustache and beard, mostly grey in colour.

Furi has a criminal history which includes violent sexual offences and has a history of reoffending. He has been serving his Long-Term Supervision Order since January 4th and is required to live at an approved residence.

The new conditions Furi must follow include:

-not possess, acquire, purchase, or access pornographic and/or sexually explicit material in any form

-not attend massage parlours and spas and only permitted to attend hotels and/or motels upon pre-approval by his parole supervisor.

-any mobile device capable of text messaging, accessing the internet and communication owned by Furi is  subject to review upon request of his supervisor.

-not own, use, or possess a computer, or any device that would allow him unsupervised access to the internet unless pre-approved by his parole officer.

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contact Regina Police.

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