CAA Saskatchewan customers could be waiting up to three hours for service during Monday’s cold snap

Tow truck operators are keeping busy Monday with the extreme cold sweeping across Saskatchewan.

CAA Saskatchewan says wait times for a tow truck are averaging 60 minutes in the North Battleford-Prince Albert-Lloydminster area, two hours in Saskatoon, and three hours in the Swift Current region. Wait times are unavailable in Moose Jaw and Regina.

Spokesperson Christine Niemczyk says if someone has car trouble, they should ensure they can get indoor shelter, like a work place or a home, if possible.

“Your vehicle does provide temporary shelter, so do stay with your vehicle but again, let our communications staff know where you are,” Niemczyk said. “If there is a sense of urgency for help to arrive, please let our communications centre staff know as well.”

Niemczyk says operators are following COVID-19 protocols, including the use of hand sanitizer, wearing masks and social distancing when possible.

“We may not always be able to give members a ride,” Niemczyk said. “If there’s one person, it probably is doable within the truck or the front-seat area of the truck, but we can’t accommodate more than one passenger or one driver, per se.”

Niemczyk says if a member’s vehicle is not working, they are to tell dispatchers where they are and if they are safe. Those on the highway should have extra clothes and blankets on hand just in case.

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