Evraz fined over $900k following two workplace injuries at Regina facility

Evraz Inc. has pleaded guilty for two separate incidents in 2019 that violated occupational health and safety regulations. The company was fined a total of $935,000 from the incidents.

The first charges are from an event on Jan. 24, 2019 at the Evraz Plant in Regina where a worker was rolling a pipe and slipped on ice and snow, causing the worker to be pinned between the pipe and a steel plate of a conveyor. According to a release from the government, the individual suffered serious injuries.

The accident resulted in a fine of $257,142.14 with a $102,857.86 surcharge, for a total of $360,000.

The company was also fined $410,714.29 with a $164,285.71 surcharge, for a total of $575,000 an unrelated incident on Feb. 6, 2019 at the Regina facility.

A worker was attempting to put out a grease fire on a machine when it moved and resulted in serious injury for the individual. One charge was also withdrawn in this incident.

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