Close to 1,000 tickets issued at intersections across Saskatchewan in January

SGI’s Traffic Safety Spotlight for January was intersection safety.

Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says a total of 992 intersection-related tickets were issued during the month.

“Four hundred, forty-six of them were for drivers who disobeyed stop signs, another 165 drivers failed to stop at a red light,” McMurchy said. “There were 125 drivers who made U-turns at intersections controlled by traffic lights, and another 256 tickets issued for various other intersection violations.”

McMurchy says fines for these infractions cost $230 each.

“That goes for failing to obey a stop sign or a stop light,” McMurchy said. “It’s also the fine for making an improper U-turn at a controlled intersection.”

McMurchy says law enforcement also focused on train crossings, where 26 drivers were ticketed for disobeying stop signals.

“Trains are massive, they move at deceptively-high speeds, and when they come into a collision with a motor vehicle, the train always wins.”

There were also 301 people also face impaired driving offences from January, while 554 distracted driving tickets were issues and 4,517 tickets were issued for speeding and aggressive driving.

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