Province happy to see resolution to Theodore School dispute

The Government of Saskatchewan says they are happy to see the Theodore School dispute finally come to an end.

The Supreme Court of Canada announced Thursday morning that they would not be hearing the Good Spirit School Division’s appeal, after the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal overturned a decision that would have limited public funding for non-Catholic students attending Catholic schools.

Provincial Attorney General Gord Wyant says he’s happy to see the Supreme Court honour the province’s decision.

“What this does is really just clarify that the status quo that’s been operating in this province for very, many years, in terms of parents’ rights to send their children to publicly funded schools, whether Catholic or public,” said Wyant. “In this province, that was sustained by the Court of Appeal, and so we’re very happy about that.”

After a years-long battle in court, Wyant says he hopes the Good Spirit School Division and Theodore School can put tension behind them and work together.

“We all want to make sure we’re doing the best for students, and now that the decision has been resolved, school divisions can get back to doing what they do best, and that’s educating our children in the classroom,” said Wyant. “Public schools and Catholic schools across the province have worked hand-in-hand in ensuring that the best educational opportunities are provided to the children of Saskatchewan, and I fully expect that to continue.”

When asked if was surprised a case like this made its way to the Supreme Court, Wyant said it was a matter of time.

“This was an important decision that needed to be made in this province, this has been an issue which has been underlying the education system for a number of years, and if it was going to happen anywhere, it was going to happen in a small community where there is little choice in terms of where they children go to school,” said Wyant. “I think it’s fair to say that if it was going to happen, it was going to happen in a small community like this.”

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