City to approve installation of permanent safety barriers on Transit buses

The City of Regina has put forward legislation that would see safety barriers become permanent on Regina Transit buses.

The move comes after concerns were brought forward by the Transit Union about protecting drivers from physical harm, as well as COVID-19.

Mayor Sandra Masters says Regina is joining other jurisdictions in installing the barriers.

“Most other municipalities in the country have these protections in place for their bus drivers,” said Masters. “Given with Covid, and some recent assaults that have happened over the past twelve months, it’s significantly important.”

When asked if COVID-19 expedited the process of approving these barriers, Masters said it was definitely a factor.

“On a go-forward basis, Covid has changed the whole world, and protecting bus drivers, not just from physical contact, but from potential contact with anything like Covid, or whatever comes next after Covid, is good for the health and welfare of the employees,” said Masters.

In 2020, there were 4 recorded assaults of transit drivers in Regina.

After receiving an approval vote of 10-0 at Executive Committee, the resolution will once again need approval during next week’s Council meeting.

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