Regina Huda School working to manage COVID-19 situation

The COVID-19 situation at Regina Huda School has been worrisome in the school community.

A total of 10 cases have been traced back to the school, forcing four classes to switch to virtual learning for the time being.

The school, which offers classes from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12, is indicating that four of the cases come from one school family, while two others come from another family.

Principal Starla Nistor says they’ve followed all health protocols since the beginning of the school year, including mandatory masks for all staff and students.

“We’ve been masking right from the very first day the students entered — from the four-year-old’s all the way up to our 18-year-old’s — and that was really important,” Nistor said. “We mask inside the building of course, as well as outside. So even when students are on the playground, whether it be at recess or even just waiting for pick-up after school, they have to be masked.”

Nistor says the school is following the same “cohorts” model as Regina Public School Division.

“If there is a COVID-19 case, then all of the students in that particular class are deemed close contacts just because they are together for all of the day, including lunch hour,” Nistor said. “Even our high school students stay at lunch in their cohort.”

Nistor says she hopes the worst is over.

“It has been very difficult, and it’s stressful,” Nistor said. “That’s part of why we have to make sure that we’re ensuring the safety and the well-being of our staff and students.

“We’re taking as many precautions as we can, but I’m fortunate to work with an amazing community and a highly-professional staff.”

Nistor says ultimately, the school’s board could decide to close the school, but she believes there would need to be more cases impacting more classes in order for that to happen.

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