SaskPower reminding people of the dangers of stealing copper from infrastructure

SaskPower is reminding people of the dangers of stealing copper from power infrastructure after several incidents over the past year.

Copper thefts cost the Crown Corporation over $41,000 and endangered lives in 2020.

In a statement, the company says people need to realize copper theft doesn’t only take a financial toll on SaskPower customers, it’s also a significant public safety threat.

Copper is used as a grounding material for power infrastructure in the province, and when removed, it presents risk of electrocution. In addition to electrocution risk, tampering with grounding materials can lead to power outages.

Removing copper wire also puts SaskPower employees at risk, as a person contacting the pole or coming near the area could be seriously hurt or even killed.

The company is taking steps to differ potential copper thefts by increasing remote video monitoring of SaskPower facilities, and installing copper cladding instead of copper wiring. Copper cladding looks ands acts like pure copper but has no monetary value.

Customers can report damaged SaskPower equipment to the Outage Centre at 310-2220. If anyone has information about copper theft, or any other vandalism to SaskPower facilities, they are asked to contact their local police service.

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